Frequently asked questions

Will this change the appearance of the floor?

Our treatment is applied by our distributors and then promptly removed, leaving zero residue, film or coating. Our products will not change or alter the appearance of the treated floor or bathtub.

Do I have to shutdown my business for this?

No, it requires no downtime for business. Able to work around your schedule, nights and weekends.

How long does the non-slip last?

Warranty for a year, but typically can last up to 2 years. All depending on foot traffic overtime.

What is the difference between a coating or a treatment?

Coating is covering the surface with an acrylic paint to create a non-slip. Coating is suggested when a treatment is not applicable. A treatment is a non-residue product that makes a non-slip surfaces.

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Cancellation Policy

Full refund of down payment if cancelled prior to materials ordered. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We carry warranties for all work performed and can provide you with a custom warranty and maintenance program to suite your needs for protection.

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